Holster With Push Pads


Surfaceskins are door push pads and pull handles which self-clean in the VITAL SECONDS between one USER and the NEXT to help STOP spread of germs.

It only takes one person depositing germs on the door plate to potentially put subsequent users (seconds later), at risk.

To see how Surfaceskins offer ULTIMATE TOUCH PROTECTION click on the “Performance Advantage vs Competitive Products” graph.

Orders of 240+ come with FREE artwork.

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Individuals can pass through a door only SECONDS apart. Our Push Pads are designed to kill deposited germs in SECONDS to provide the ultimate in user touch protection. Simply attached the Holster to the door, then snap fit a Push Pad in to provide 1000 protective touches, after which simply replace the Push pad to provide another 1000 protective touches.

Please Note: You will require one Holster per side of the door you wish to protect, they can be fitted in seconds and remain on the door for as long as desired. Push Pads are engineered to last 1000 activations.

Size Amount

10 Pads + 2 Holsters – £4.99 Per Pad, 20 Pads + 4 Holsters- £4.99 Per Pad, 30 Pads + 6 Holsters- £4.99 Per Pad, 40 Pads + 8 Holsters- £4.99 Per Pad


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