BDS-8F Temperature Screening Kiosk with Facial Recognition – Floor Stand, HDMI Out, AudioC36


All-in-one kiosk with fast, contactless temperature measurement, facial recognition, and mask detection.
  • Contactless temperature reading in less than a second
  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.5° C
  • Facial recognition-based access control with mask detection
  • Integration with existing door or ticketing system
  • Included BDS Software allows for easy deployment and management of multiple kiosks from a central location
  • On-screen visual warnings and LED light, with optional audio message
  • Optional HDMI output for monitoring at a safe distance
  • Can display digital signage content when not in use
  • 8-inch (800 x 1280) LCD screen, with 2-megapixel binocular wide dynamic camera for sharp, clear images
  • Warranty: 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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Businesses of all kinds are looking to adopt strategies and technologies that allow a safe return to operations. The BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosk uses advanced infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, to help identify the presence of elevated temperatures. As part of a safety program, it provides peace of mind to concerned employees, customers, visitors, and the general public.

Contactless Temperature Reading in less than a Second
Get temperature information quickly, accurately, and safely. The BDS-8 kiosk reads a visitor’s temperature in less than one second with an accuracy of ±0.9° F (±0.5° C), without any direct contact. Once a visitor’s temperature is read, a message pops up on the kiosk’s screen with temperature data. If the kiosk detects an elevated temperature, on-screen and optional audio alerts go off. The BDS-8 kiosk can detect temperatures up to 3.2 feet (1 meter) away and has a temperature range of 50° F to 107.6° F (10 to 42° C).

Detect and Track Multiple People
The BDS-8 kiosk can read multiple visitors’ temperatures at the same time, making it ideal for applications that see a lot of foot traffic, like schools, hospitals, malls, and more.

Accurate Facial Recognition and Mask Detection
With facial recognition technology and a storage capacity of up to 30,000 faces, the BDS-8 kiosk can also function as a check-in and check-out system for registered users. Facial scanning can even deny access to strangers and detect if people are wearing masks.

Integrate with Any Security or Door System
Worried that you won’t be able to add this kiosk to your pre-existing security or door system? Don’t be. The BDS-8 kiosk works with any security system you may have in place. It can be used with access gates and attendance systems in office buildings, schools, hotels, sporting events, transportation hubs, and countless other private and public spaces.

BDS Remote Management Software
Cloud-hosted, PC-based software enables an administrator to remotely deploy and manage kiosks, define entrance conditions, monitor users and their activities, receive email alerts, manage blacklists and visitor lists, and much more – all from a single dashboard. The software is included at no extra cost.

Integrate with Your Digital Signage System
The BDS-8 kiosk does much more than keep people safe from sickness. This versatile solution can display digital signage content that advertises your products and services when no temperature scanning is being performed.

Plug-and-Play Installation
Any user can set up the BDS-8 kiosk. Just plug it in, and you’re ready to start using it.

Mount the Kiosk However You Want
We offer three different BDS-8 models: floorstand, wallmount, or tabletop. Choose whichever works best for your application.

Technical Data

Interface —
Ethernet and wireless (Wi-Fi);
Video: 1x HDMI output (only “-1” models)
Audio: 2.5 W/4-ohm speakers;
USB: 1x USB OTG, 1x USB HOST standard A port;
Serial: 1x RS-232 serial port;
Relay Output: 1x door open signal output;
Wiegand: 1x Wiegand 26/34 output, 1x Wiegand 26/34 input;
Network: 1x RJ-45 Ethernet socket
Temperature Detection Distance — 1.0-m, with optimal distance 0.5-m
Temperature Measurement Accuracy — ± 0.5° C
Temperature Measurement Range — 10 to 42° C
Operating Temperature — 0 to 60° C
Storage Temperature — -20 to 60° C
Screen — 8.0 inch non-touch IPS LCD
Brightness — 500 Nits
Power — 12 VDC ±10%
Resolution —
Camera Resolution: 2 million pixels;
Screen Resolution: 800 x 1280
Dimensions — Reader Unit: 29.6H x 13.3W x 2.5D cm

Package Contents

(1) Main Unit
(1) Power Adapter
(1) Wallmount Bracket

(1) Main Unit
(1) Power Adapter
(1) Tabletop Stand

(1) Main Unit
(1) Power Adapter
(1) Floormount Stand


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