What Is Surfaceskins?

Surfaceskins strive to improve ​hand-hygiene​ & ​maintain health and wellness​, through our innovative hygiene solutions.

Surfaceskins are door push pads and pull handles which self-clean in the VITAL SECONDS between one USER and the NEXT to help STOP spread of germs.

It only takes one person depositing germs on the door plate to potentially put subsequent users (seconds later), at risk.

The Benefits

  • KILLS germs in SECONDS
  • Alternative copper, silver & plastic based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level
  • Proven in multiple successful In-Vitro Trials, with excellent performance data & two key JOHI study publications
  • Promotes existing Infection Control Practices & Proven to increase gel dispenser usage by 80%
  • Demonstrates commitment to hygiene & well-being for staff, patients & visitors
  • Validated in NHS Laboratory
  • Low Cost & Quick and Easy to Install

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