The Airborne Threat is Real

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that COVID-19 can travel up to 4 metres feet in the air [1]

The New England Journal of Medicine reported the virus can remain suspended in air for up to 3 hours [2]

Research in The Netherlands found the typical 2 metre social distancing measurement between people to be ineffective… and recommended spacing of up to 20 metres [3]

Global healthcare experts and virologists agree: airborne, aerosol transmission of viruses poses a significant threat.

How People are Infected

A person can become infected through direct contact with a person or object carrying the virus.

Study after study proves there are two transmission routes.

By air, with two transmission methods:

Airborne transmission via large droplets
(> 10 microns) when people cough or sneeze (1-2m risk)

Airborne transmission through small particles

(<5 microns) also generated by coughing/sneezing/talking

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